My April Romance Horoscopes...



This month Mars is in your Zodiac sign and you will need to approach unforeseen challenges with patience and wisdom. Do not act on impulse; instead take time to consider your options and solutions. Overcoming these challenges will allow you to improve in many areas of your life. If these obstacles cause you any stress, turn to exercise and workouts to keep your mind relaxed. Use this month to save financially and concentrate on your love life as it blossoms. 


April 20th – May 20th

This month will be a period filled with difficulty and you will need to keep a steady mindset through any troubles that come your way emotionally. Embrace new relationships (both friendships and love) as they will help you through other problems this month. There is a chance of health concern this month so be sure to monitor your health and turn to your family for advice and comfort. 


May 21st – June 20th

Venus will be present in your horoscope this month and because of that you will blossom socially and romantically this month. Do not forget about your family and old friends when new social opportunities arise for you. Take these new opportunities to advance your career goals; this is a time for you to move forward and progress. Keep a level head and approach conflict with patience and understanding. 



This month has a highly positive outlook for Cancers. The determination that you have shown to succeed will start to pay off. Maintain a humble attitude as your personal development starts to reach new heights both professionally and socially. When a problem should arise this month, be prepared to deal with it immediately and don’t put it off as your success could suffer should you do so. Your love life also has a positive outlook as new opportunities will be aplenty for singles and new excitement will come for those in committed relationships. 



Focus and accomplishment will be your strengths this month. Because your drive and determination will be so strong this month you will have the excess time and availability to help your loved ones with their goals and problems alike. This month will be a great time for you to help those who have helped you in the past. You can also use this free time to find new friends or colleagues that you can help reach their goals. If any health issues arise, address them swiftly so that they don’t become a lingering problem. 



Your professional life will be a point of focus this month and consequently your social life will also be at the forefront for you. This month you will have the assistance of others at your fingertips and you should embrace this help and use it wisely and efficiently. As your career improves this month be sure that you take care of life at home so that it doesn’t become a distraction. Financially this will be a good month for you; look for opportunities to increase your income and save money. 


September 23rd – October 22nd

Give special attention to your personal relationships this month, both romantic and friendly. Your career will be in good shape this month with a steady stream of work coming your way. Prioritize your workload so that you can concentrate on personal issues that will arise. Exercising regularly will give you a stress-relieving outlet that will be vital to maintaining your emotional balance. The financial outlook for you this month is excellent. Because of this you must make sure to balance yourself emotionally and keep your life in order. 



There are major developments on the horizon for you this month. These developments will come in various forms: travel, career, love and finance. Be ready to embrace change and to go after new goals and accomplishments. This month will test your drive and character. Experiment with new ideas and don’t be afraid to share them with those around you. If a new relationship is blossoming, be aggressive in moving it forward. 


November 22nd – December 21st

For the Sagittarius sign this month will provide a period of relaxation for you to catch your breath and relax yourself both physically and mentally. Enjoy your free time with friends and family this month. Use this stress-free time to plan out your future moves and travel. Don’t take this problem-free month for granted; try new things with your loved ones and exercise as much as possible so that you come out of the month feeling refreshed and healthy. 


December 22nd – January 19th

Many areas of your life this month will see good progress. Focus on embracing the progress that develops in your home, your career, and your personal relationships. Don’t be afraid to ask friends and family for help in making decisions regarding the progress that you’re making. Financially you should be cautious; many opportunities will develop for you to spend money but you should be wise in your spending. 


January 20th - February 18th

For those falling under the Aquarius sign this month is a time to get away from your problems and turn any negativity in your life around. Keep your sights on the future and the steps you can take to be productive and progressive. Exercising will help you keep a strong mindset. Reach out to your loved ones and friends to enjoy time together and keep a healthy lifestyle. Financially, past problems should start to disappear as long as you plan accordingly. 



Planetary movements are favorable for this month. You will be very active and accomplish many goals during this time so be sure to constantly keep yourself busy throughout the month. Stay stable emotionally so that you can focus on your career and personal life. When accomplishing these goals, you will feel very fulfilled and confident in other areas of your life. Love will find you later in the month with your new found confidence becoming very obvious to those around you.